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calculator donations initiative

The maths pass rate in SA has been too low for too long. In partnership with Geleza Tech - we are taking on the challenge, 1 student, 1 school, 1 calculator at a time. As an omnichannel company founded by people with actuarial and mathematical backgrounds - we are thoroughly excited to avail our resources and technology to this initiative.

The challenge

About half of matriculants who write mathematics fail the subject. This is a huge concern because mathematics performance has an impact on individual careers and ultimately the performance of the SA economy as a whole.

There are many factors that contribute to this poor performance. Geleza Tech founder and renowned mathematics coach Mothupi Kgopa identified a dire shortage of resources among poorer students as a big contributor to these results. When Mothupi shared his insights into the challenges as well as his vision for tackling them, the KaryKase team immediately decided to partner with Geleza in taking on this challenge.

The calculator donation initiative is an important first step in the fight to improve mathematics performance in SA.

Geleza founder

Mothupi Kgopa

Mothupi is a highly experienced mathematics coach and author who has trained mathematics teachers all across South Africa with great success.

Geleza story in Mothupi's own words...

"So I am one of the people who have been in hundred of mathematics classroom from Limpopo, Gauteng, Free State, Northern Cape and Western Cape. I have helped many learners produce level 7s in maths...

I have helped many schools produce 100% in maths for the first time and carried it for 3 years conservatively to show that it was not an act of luck.

Imagine my shock as I visit a school in Limpopo. 80% of the learners in a mathematics class with no calculators. They wanna share...this means time is wasted in teaching mathematics. I ask why, and they say...calculators are expensive. I soon start investigating...and I see calculators for R320 and I see calculators for R600.I then Start to see they don't even have technology in their classes. No interactive boards...no science labs ...nothing. Just old chalk boards and chalks.

Geleza was then born because I wanted to solve this problem. We will be in every classroom at R150 per calculator. As you use December money...spare R150 for your nephew...your relatives who struggle to buy calculators".

Let's get mathematics in sa back on track

Will you join us on this fight?