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We offer a wide range of luggage to suit all your travelling needs. Browse through our numerous bags of various sizes , styles , colours and textures. We offer bags made from high quality materials , hence ensuring durability as you travel.

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Cabin Luggage
Looking for luggage you can carry into the plane and place it in the cabin compartment above you? Or are you looking for a bag to accomodate a few belongings for a short weekend trip? We have the perfect bags for you right here!
Medium luggage
This category holds the medium  luggage bags which can range from 65cm to 69cm in length. These caese offer enough room to packclothes to last you upto 10 days.

Large luggage

Are you going on a long trip or just cant decide which belongings to leave behind? We have the perfect bags for you, take a look at this large luggage.


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Softside Luggage

View our large range of Softshell or Softside Luggage. Made from materials such as ballistic nylon, cordura and polyester. Find the best quality softside suitcases and bags right here.

Hardside Luggage

View our wide range of Hardside or Hardshell luggage made from high quality Aluminium, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene and ABS. These cases are greatly strong and durable and provide the best protection for your valuables.

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Beautiful luggage for the Ladies


Amazing luggage befitting a true gentleman

Travel Sets 

Travel Accessories

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American Tourister

Melvil & Moon


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2 Wheelers

4 Wheelers

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