Thandana bags are handcrafted by expert leather crafters in Durban South Africa. Each product is made with extreme care and love. 

An obsessive focus on quality ensures high durability and long lasting bags. The result? You receive the best of both worlds, beauty and durability! Thandana goes beyond bags with a wide range of complementary products, from wallets, cooler bags , backpacks, baby bags and stylish aprons.

Find your Thandana

Take a look at our bags, handcrafted with abundant care and love

Leather Bags

Handcrafted to perfection with genuine Bovine South African leather with durability  that will make your piece last for years.  

Metallic Bags 

These are beautiful and shiny bags 

with a vibrant colour brought about by the metallic finish. They are also highly durable as they are made with 

the finest leather.  

Laminated Bags 

Not only are these pieces beautiful and appealing to the eye, the waterproof technology ensures that the lifetime of your unique Thandana fabric piece is extended. 


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Made in South Africa 

Thandana is a home grown, local brand which relies on a team of skilled artisans based in Durban and Zululand in South Africa. Handcrafted with the highest care and from the best materials. The Brand lives up to it's name,
 "Thandana" , which is derived from the Zulu language , meaning Love one another.